IFA7 Europe joins as founding partner the Soccer music Xperience project

Soccer Music Xperience WorldWide (SOM X) is a company that creates large social sports projects world level, with Headquarters in Liverpool, Barcelona, and Malabo (Equatorial Guinea). SOM X works in the world of Sports, especially in the world of Football (Football 7, Futsal Beach Soccer), since 2000 where it began its activity in Zurich (collaborating from the beginning with Institutions as important as FIFA, UEFA, FC Barcelona, Swiss Football Association, etc. The Main Proj

Malta join IFA7 with Malta Sport For All!

Malta is a new country inside the family of IFA7. Malta Sport For All, national maltese organization based in Birkirkara, is the new official member representing Malta in IFA7 and IFA7 Europe. Malta Sport For all is a multi sport organization recognized by several IOC international federations and by CSIT, TAFISA and CIPC. MSFA is also a parasport organization having the recognition of CPIRSA, IBSA and VIRTUS. We are sure that MSFA will be a milestone inside our family! To ha

IFA7 Italy joins IFA7 Europe!

IAPAF, Italian Air Power Athletics Federation, officially become a member of IFA7 with it's division ITA7! We are glad to welcome Italy Federation in our family! To further details, please visit #ITA7 #IFA7 #Europe #IAPAF

Swiss! A new country inside IFA7 Family!

We are glad to inform that FederSwiss - Sport for all as join as national federation for Switzerland the IFA7 Family becoming member of IFA7 and IFA7 Europe. FederSwiss is a multi sport federation based in the Italian Swiss Canton and working also on the parasport sector. It is recognized by TAFISA and CSIT, two important international organization recognized by the IOC. To have further news please see the link #IFA7 #IFA7europe #europe #swiss #federswiss

IFA7 Europe is born!

IFA7 Europe is the official Continental Federation of the International Football 7 Association, official governing body for Football 7 a side. IFA7 is recognized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) through a signed coexistence agreement. IFA7 offers opportunities for youth adults and former professional players. It is a great show and experience, for both spectators and those that practice it. The International Football Association 7 better known a